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Factsheets, Plans and Map, Review Report

Central Reclamation Phase III ("CRIII") - Basic Facts

  1. Area of reclamation
    • When the draft Central District (Extension) Outline Zoning Plan ("OZP") was gazetted on 29 May 1998, the proposed reclamation area was 38 hectares.
    • When the amended OZP incorporating the minimum reclamation option was gazetted on 16 July 1999, the reclamation area was reduced to 23 hectares (including 5 hectares under Wanchai Development Phase II).
    • On 22 February 2000, the amended OZP was approved by CE in C.
    • Under the current works contract for CRIII, the reclamation area is 18 hectares.

  2. The five phases of Central and Wanchai Reclamation
    • CRIII is the 4th of the five phases of the Central and Wanchai Reclamation.
    • The Central Reclamation Phases I, II and the Wanchai Reclamation Phase I were completed from 1993 to 1998.

  3. Items to be constructed under CRIII
    • Central-Wanchai Bypass
    • Road P2 network
    • Reprovisioning of existing waterfront facilities (e.g. pumping stations providing cooling water for buildings in Central, Star Ferry piers and Queen's Pier)
    • A military berth for the People's Liberation Army
    • North Hong Kong Island Line
    • An extended overturn tunnel for the Airport Railway and Tung Chung Line
    • The land made available for the above items will provide an opportunity for a vibrant waterfront promenade for the access and enjoyment by the community

  4. Central-Wanchai Bypass ("CWB")
    • CWB is a strategic road linking the Rumsey Street Flyover with the Island Eastern Corridor via the Island Eastern Corridor Link.

  5. Environmental impact
    • The Environmental Impact Assessment ("EIA") report for CRIII was endorsed by the Advisory Council on the Environment on 27 August 2001.
    • On 31 August 2001, the EIA report was approved by Director of Environmental Protection under the EIA Ordinance.
    • On 7 Mar 2002, the Environmental Protection Department issued the Environment Permit for the construction of CRIII works.

  6. CRIII works contract
    • Awarded on 10 February 2003 to Leighton - China State - Van Oord Joint Venture
    • Awarded contract price: $3,790 million
    • Area of reclamation under the contract: 18 hectares
    • Works commenced on 28 February 2003
    • Substantially completed in October 2011