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Chronology of Events Relating to Central Reclamation Phase III ("CRIII")

List of Table of Chronology of Events Relating to Central Reclamation Phase III (CRIII)
Date Title
Mar 1982 - Oct 1983 The need for reclamation in Central and Wan Chai was first identified in a strategic planning study entitled "Study on Harbour Reclamation and Urban Growth".
1984 The need was reconfirmed in various major planning development studies, including the Territorial Development Strategy.
1987 - 1989 The Central and Wan Chai Reclamation Feasibility Study was carried out.
Sep 1991 ExCo endorsed the Metroplan Selected Strategy, which recommended various reclamation projects in the Harbour areas.
1993 - 1998 Reclamation works for Central Reclamation Phases I and II and Wan Chai Reclamation Phase I were completed.
30 Jun 1997 The Protection of the Harbour Ordinance ("PHO") was enacted.
29 May 1998 The draft Central District (Extension) Outline Zoning Plan ("OZP") No. S/H24/1 covering 38 hectares of reclamation was gazetted.
29 Jul 1998 By end of the 2-month exhibition period, 70 valid objections including one from the Society for Protection of the Harbour Limited ("SPH") were received.  
23 Oct 1998 The Town Planning Board ("TPB") gave preliminary consideration to the objections and agreed to request the Government to undertake a further study to determine the minimum reclamation option.
Oct 1998 - Mar 1999 The Government drew up the minimum reclamation option, which proposed to reduce the reclamation area to 23 hectares.
5 Mar 1999 TPB considered the minimum reclamation option.
30 Mar 1999 TPB heard the objections at its meeting of 30 March 1999, although SPH did not withdraw their objection to the OZP, they together with other objectors on the scene agreed that the minimum reclamation option could be used as a blue print for CRIII works.
23 Apr 1999 TPB gave deliberation to the objections and decided to propose amendments to the draft Central District (Extension) OZP No. S/H24/1 to meet/partially meet the objections by reducing the extent of the proposed reclamation to 23 hectares.
10 Jun 1999 The minimum reclamation option was presented to the LegCo Panel on Planning, Lands and Works and was generally accepted.  The majority of the comments were concerned with land use, traffic, the design of roads and waterfront promenade.  After considering Members' comments, TPB gazetted the amended Central District (Extension) OZP that covered the minimum reclamation option on 16 July 1999.
16 Jul 1999 The amended Central District (Extension) OZP No. O/S/H24/1-A covering the minimum reclamation option of 23 hectares was gazetted.  18 original objections were subsequently withdrawn.
Mid 1999 The Government presented the amended minimum reclamation option to the then Central and Western District Board and various professional bodies (e.g. Hong Kong Institute of Engineers, Hong Kong Institute of Planners, Hong Kong Institute of Architect, Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors, Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architect, and Real Estate Developers Association of Hong Kong).  They generally supported the revised reclamation scheme.
1 Sep 1999 TPB considered the further objection and decided to propose further amendments to the draft Central District (Extension) OZP to partially meet the further objection.
22 Feb 2000 The amended Central District (Extension) OZP No. S/H24/2 was approved by CE in C.
3 Mar 2000 The approved OZP was gazetted for public inspection.
16, 21 Mar 2000 The Central and Western and Wan Chai District Councils were consulted on the proposed CRIII works and there were no adverse comments.
28 Apr 2000 Finance Committee ("FC") of the Legislative Council ("LegCo") approved funding for the detailed design of CRIII.
30 Jun 2000 CRIII reclamation and road works were gazetted under the Foreshore and Sea-bed (Reclamations) Ordinance and the Roads (Works, Use and Compensation) Ordinance respectively.  They received 3 and 2 objections respectively and SPH was not an objector under either Ordinance.
Jul 2000 - late 2002 CRIII's detailed design completed.
27 Aug 2001 CRIII's Environmental Impact Assessment ("EIA") report was endorsed by the Advisory Council on the Environment.
31 Aug 2001 CRIII's EIA report was approved by Director of Environmental Protection under the EIA Ordinance.
18 Dec 2001 CE in C authorized CRIII's reclamation and road works.
Jan 2002 The Government presented to LegCo a brief informing LegCo of the authorization of CRIII's reclamation and road works and of the objections received.
1 Mar 2002 LegCo Panel on Housing, Planning and Lands was briefed on the CRIII engineering works.
7 Mar 2002 Environmental Protection Department issued the Environment Permit for the construction of works.
21 Jun 2002 FC approved funding for the construction of CRIII under the minimum reclamation option.
12 Aug 2002 Tenders were invited.
22 Nov 2002 Tender invitation exercise closed.
10 Feb 2003 CRIII's contract was awarded.
27 Feb 2003 SPH initiated judicial review ("JR") proceedings against TPB's decision in respect of the draft Wan Chai North OZP No. S/H25/1.
28 Feb 2003 CRIII's works commenced.  The works require reclaiming land of 18 hectares.
28 Feb 2003 The High Court granted leave to SPH's application for JR.
8 Jul 2003 The High Court delivered its judgment on the JR case, laying down the "three tests" to be applied to rebut the presumption against reclamation under section 3 of the Protection of the Harbour Ordinance.
19 Jul 2003 TPB announced that it had decided to lodge an appeal against the High Court judgment.
26 Aug 2003 TPB applied to Court of Final Appeal ("CFA") for leave for the appeal case.
17 Sep 2003 SPH wrote to the Administration asking for suspension of the reclamation works for CRIII.
25 Sep 2003 SPH applied to the High Court for JR in respect to CRIII and an interim injunction over CRIII works.
27 Sep 2003 The Government announced to temporarily suspend all marine works under CRIII until a decision of the High Court is given on the interim injunction case.
29 Sep 2003 The CFA granted leave for TPB to appeal against the High Court ruling on the draft Wan Chai North OZP.
3 Oct 2003 The High Court heard SPH's application for an interim injunction over the CRIII works.
6 Oct 2003 The High Court handed down its judgment over the interim injunction case, allowing the Government to continue with the CRIII works.  The Administration announced partial resumption of the marine works.
28 Nov 2003 The Administration completed an engineering review of CRIII confirming that it can meet the High Court's "three tests".
2 Dec 2003 The CE in C considered the Review Report and agreed that there was no need to defer the Central OZP to TPB for review under section 12 of the TPO at that stage, pending the court cases.
9-12 Dec 2003 The CFA heard TPB's appeal against the High Court ruling on the draft Wan Chai North OZP.
9 Jan 2004 The CFA handed down its judgment dismissing TPB's appeal against the High Court ruling on the draft Wan Chai North OZP, but substituting the High Court's "three test" by a "single overriding public need test".  The Administration continued with partial suspension of the marine works under the CRIII contract.
9-16 Feb 2004 The High Court heard SPH's application for JR in respect of CRIII.
9 March 2004 The High Court delivered its judgment on the JR in respect of CRIII, refusing the JR application.