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Factsheets, Plans and Map, Review Report

Review Report

List of Review Report
Title Date
Report on Cogent and Convincing Materials to demonstrate Compliance with the Overriding Public Need Test 30/04/2007
A Review of Central Reclamation Phase III by applying the Court of Final Appeal's "Overriding Public Need Test"(PDF)
[Please contact Planning and Lands Branch, Development Bureau (telephone no.: (852)3509 7858/ e-mail address: for viewing the Enclosures and Appendices of the Review Report]

Fact Sheet

List of Fact Sheet
Title Date
History of Central Reclamation Phase III 19/06/2013
The Legality of Central Reclamation Phase III (CRIII) 28/04/2004
Central Reclamation Phase III (CRIII) - The Benefits 28/04/2004
Central - Wan Chai Bypass 22/03/2005
Road P2 Network 22/03/2005
Airport Railway Extended Overrun Tunnel and North Hong Kong Island Line 28/04/2004
Engineering aspects 28/04/2004
All About Central Reclamation Phase III 19/12/2003

Plans and Maps

List of Plans and Maps
Title Date
A diagram of the Central Reclamation Phase III model 30/06/2005
Reclamation Proposals in Victoria Harbour 05/2009
Central and Wan Chai Reclamation 05/2009
Central Reclamation Phase III (PowerPoint slides) 31/10/2003

Basic Facts

List of Basic Facts
Title Date
Our Living Harbour (PDF) 30/06/2005
Our Harbour - Past, Present and Future (PDF) 01/12/2003
Central Reclamation Phase III ("CRIII") - Basic Facts 19/06/2013
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) (English only) 31/03/2005

Chronology of Events

List of Chronology of Events
Title Date
Chronology of Events Relating to Central Reclamation Phase III ("CRIII") 31/03/2005

Coastline will look when we complete the reclamation in Central
This is how the coastline will look when we complete the reclamation in Central

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